Interesting Poems

5 11 2008

I found these two little poems in a box of old letters that my mom’s sister sent me.  There is no date to them, and the author apparently wished to remain anonymous, as they didn’t put their signature to them either.  I don’t recognize the handwriting either, which greatly increases the odds that I really don’t have a clue who wrote it.  After going through hundreds of letters from my grandparents and beyond, I have become fairly familiar with their handwriting.

The two people referenced in the poems are Agnes and “Hillie” Seward, my grandparents.  I thought since it has been a few months since I posted anything on here that I would at least add something.

“It was not the night before Xmas when wines are stronger

That Hillie wanted to stay a little longer

But a night in the good summer time

When Doc got out of control on a glass of wine

He promised to go in ten minutes more

And Ag waited in vain by the front door

So alone she started with her dog at last

And drove like the devil over the mountain pass

So Santa left an extra gift for yours truly

To use when Hillie gets unruly

All you need do is slap him on the dome

Put on the cuffs and take him home.”

Here’s the second one.

Aggie Seward is getting to be a shark

With her new cue she can always beat Doc

So old Saint Nick hides in the wall

And gets a thrill seeing the eight ball fall.

No matter what game she never loses at all

And she is some flash at water baseball

Last summer she played a whale of a game they said

But in the last inning oh Santa was her face RED.

So Old Saint Nick smiled when he thought of that day

And guessed he’d better give her an easy game to play

So with these little pins and balls of yellow, red, and blue

May her look stay with her to win this game too.

Cute, yes?  I wonder who wrote them and for what reason other than to be silly?




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